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Aivic Clothing Solutions provide a complete branding solution, with an extensive range of international and local clothing brands that extend from corporate clothing, to promotional wear, uniforms and casual wear.  The range includes sporting brands such as Acelli, Brutal, Blackheath, Sevenn, Garrett Athletics and BRT.  We also suppy local brands such as Slazenger, The Gary Player Collection, Cutter & Buck to name a few.  Our products include but are not limited to the following:

A logo is pressed into the surface of a garment using heat and pressure to create a permanent stamped impression.

Clients with multi-colour logos or complex designs can easily be catered for with Direct to Garment Printing (DTG Printing). DTG Printing has been in development for quite some time but only recently been available in South Africa. Not to be confused with "heat press" printing, this branding process allows for true "Full Colour" multi gradient colour levels to be printed straight onto T-shirts using high quality long lasting inks. DTG Printing uses an ink jet printer and thus you can achieve the same results on a garment as you do when you print onto paper.

Allowing brilliant, vibrant, full-colour images and logos of any size, digital transfers are the most popular print methods for situations where a high-impact design is required. With no minimums, high resolution prints and the ability to adhere to nearly any fabric from spandex to waterproof rainwear. Stunning high resolution prints can be achieved with this print method with photographic artwork being reproduced perfectly with excellent colour vibrancy.
Reproduces artwork well on textured fabrics and is suitable for nearly all fabric compositions. Transfers can be turned around exceptionally quickly for small orders.

Embroidery is used primarily for clothing and it produces an item that looks sleek and professional. Furthermore, when done correctly, it will last for years. Embroidery machines are able to produce a large variety of colours. The almost endless possibilities for this type of branding are what make it so popular among businesses for corporate clothing.
As the embroidery is done using machines that are driven by computers, the result is an immaculate logo woven into a cap or golf shirt. Similarly, these machines are able to produce relatively fine detail.
Priced by the number of stitches (size and density of artwork), multiple colours can be included in the logo without adding to the cost. Embroidery remains one of the most popular choices for branding.

Digital image is printed onto a special vinyl surface, which is then placed onto the garment into the desired position. The garment is placed in a heat press and the heat from the press melts the adhesive backing on the vinyl, merging it with the fabric. This process is mainly used where a logo is too intricate for screen printing.

This is a process whereby a logo is transferred onto a garment via a mesh screen. This is used best for large and bold logos as it allows for up to 6 colour prints and is a popular choice for branding T-Shirts and caps.
With unparalleled durability and value for money, screen printing remains the most popular choice for garment printing across an array of commercial and retail applications. Particularly well-suited to larger runs of bold, high detail prints that consist of only a few solid colours, screen printing is the preferred choice for most large print orders.

We Support Your Vision

We work closely with you to ensure we successfully achieve awareness of your logo in a way that best showcases your brand.

We Save You Time!

We make personal contact with you to discuss your needs, options and requirements. We ensure we provide an efficient and customised solution around your specific requirements, while offering a fast and efficient turnaround on all orders regardless of size.

We Supply The Highest Quality

We ensure that your brand looks the part, with a range of top-quality corporate and promotional clothing which will not disappoint. We supply name brand clothing items from top suppliers such as Barron Clothing and Amrod, as well supply clients with uniforms, workwear, custom clothing, and sportswear.

We Provide The Latest Trends

All our suppliers constantly source the latest up to date products from around the globe.